Tourist of Disaster (2022 - Ongoing) has a new picture that I quite like. I really should keep shooting this project.

I almost always know when a picture is a keeper, and I can visualise where I’ll be using it. But every once in a while a picture comes along and gets stuck in a limbo: What do I do with it? And with this question, a whole new process of editing begins.

I just knew this was going to be a keeper the moment I saw it but how, maybe I will never be able to explain. My instant attraction to this photograph may be a mystery but this doesn’t change the fact that I adore it. It’s so nostalgic, but I don’t know how.

Back to Fujifilm X70 — finally. We were separated since that awful day, August 6th, 2021, when I broke my first 4-year-old copy. Previously, I talked about the cameras that are dear to me, the X70 has always had a special place in my heart. So, last week I stumbled upon a good deal, offered them a trade with my Sony RX100 V, and they accepted. I spent six months with the Sony and I must say, I’m not going to miss it; mainly because its files were so “flat” (due to its small sensor size). Welcome home, X70; we will have a lot of fun.

An ongoing project, and a decision: I woke up at 4am (about an hour ago from the timestamp of this post), looked at the pictures from Tourist of Disaster, and found what was missing, or rather, too much: colours. When I took them away, the whole series was suddenly full of the tension that I was looking for. Some will stay in colour, but this is now a black-and-white series.

Today I saw this kid with his pet pigeon as soon as I stepped outside the house. Sometimes photographs just happen; that’s why I have a camera in my person at all times. Also, I’m quite enjoying shooting black-and-white these days.

I don’t have a black-and-white recipe for editing, mainly because I never really shoot black-and-white in mind. A couple of days ago, I finally made one and tried it on some pictures that had otherwise been discarded. This particular picture was saved by black-and-white; it really worked.

How I missed simple ideas and simple photographs. I had been chasing too complicated ones for a while but after this picture, I’ll remember to keep it simple. Also, I had to post a different crop of the photo on Instagram but if I print it, this is the crop I’ll go with.

After walking around for hours, self-doubt crept in: “Can I not see anything anymore?” Then I came across this scene, I immediately stopped, and waited for people to disappear from my frame. This post is a reminder: I may not be able to see everything, but I will always see something.

This is not a “good” photograph by my standards (there isn’t a story, anyone could’ve taken it). But I took it in preperation for a fashion shoot. It’s colourful, the light is tricky, the camera’s sensor is very small… A lot of variables played into editing this one. I’m planning on using this as my “base”, and go from there.

That’s it: these are all that I use to make my pictures. The camera is a Sony RX100M5, and the light is a LumeCube. I do often push the limits of what the camera can do, but I enjoy being practically invisible with it. Everyone thinks I’m some tourist, this works in my favour.