The cameras that are dear to me:

  1. Fujifilm X70: It’s a fantastic little camera. Between 2018 - 2021, I used it almost exclusively. My addiction to 28mm comes from it. Sadly, I dropped mine onto of some rocks at a construction site and it shattered. It still works, but the lens and the LCD are busted. Its automatic focus capabilities weren’t quite good; in fact, I would miss a lot of shots — but also, my archive is full of pictures that were made with it. I’ve been literally yearning for a Fujifilm X80 for the longest time but the company seems to have no plans for it.

  2. Fujifilm X100F: Not so small, which is the reason I finally let it go in January 2022, but it sure feels like home. I’ve had 3 different copies of this camera. Whenever I got rid of it, I regretted it a couple of months later. I used it between 2017 - 2022. I shot practically everything with it, including the entire coverage of Sónar Festival İstanbul (2018). Do I miss it? Eh. After using the Fujifilm X100V for a while (I had loaned it from Fujifilm Turkey), it sure feels a bit archaic.

  3. Sony RX100M5: I had bought a copy of this camera in 2017 but it got stolen in December of that year before I could spend some time with it. Years later, in January 2022, I got another one and I have been shooting with it for the past five months. It’s lovely, the smallest camera I’ve owned (other than my brief fling with a Sony RX0 in 2018), and it’s really capable. It does leave me with wanting something more, but I will keep pushing its limits, until a more suitable compact is released.